Bloomfield College provides a state of the art computer lab, which meets the needs of the various C.A.T. Majors.


Majors of this course learn traditional hand drawn animation, as well as 3-D animation using software such as Digicel and ToonBoom and Maya.

Music Technology/Sound DesignEdit

The Music Technology department is a very hands on program that deals with the overall production of music and sound design using the latest audio programs such as (but not limited to):

-Pro Tools





Hardware is also a strong focus at Bloomfield. Students reveive hands-on experience with mixers, faders, patch cables, physical compressors and other devices, as well as all of the microphones and cables available.

Digital VideoEdit

Majors learn essential film making skills such as Basic Video Production, Screen writing, and Art of Editing. Digital Video students work with green screen and use the most current versions of Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and learning Basic Camera use.